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Various user level logins are available in CareerBook system for effective management of the institution. Various user level logins includes that of the Head Teacher/Management, Parents/Students and teachers. User logins helps to monitor and communicate effectively with the various stakeholders in the institution. The user logins are available in the browser login and also in the mobile app. The dashboards provided for various user levels provide graphical insights over various critical parameters.

Module Details

Student /Parent Login

The Student/Parent login in the school management web & mobile app allows access to some of the important information of the students and management to parents. The easy navigation is arranged so that students and parents can use this without any assistance. We have included some of the main information such as profile of the student, a school diary, circulars, etc. It also includes modules related to the virtual platform such as online class, digital library, online assessment, assignment submission, study materials and so on.

The login has the feature for viewing the attendance, time table, transportation routes, syllabus and also have facility to provide feedback on classes, teachers, management, etc. A chat option is also added for communicating with the teachers. 

Teacher Login

The teacher login helps in obtaining the details of the students associated with their routine activities. The teacher login allows the communication with the students/parents via chat option embedded in the system. Circulars and important events can also be communicated via the diary option that is included in this module. The assessment of the students can be done using the online exam and assignments options which are integrated in this login.

The options like conducting online classes, uploading videos into digital library, and so on can also be managed. The entries of the marks, attendance etc. are other important features of this application. All the information of the students in mapped classes can be accessed by the teacher and the performance of the students could be evaluated using the same. The application can also be used for making leave request to the higher authorities. 

Admin Login

The Admin login provides complete information of the students in all the classes and allows communication between parents and administration. For independent schools, we provide fee dashboard to give graphical representation of the complete fee information of the institute and of each student.  The other feature in this login included are the circulars regarding school information, transportation route details, uploading of study materials, feedback section and so on.

Features of Admission Management System

  • Head Teacher, CFO & Management Logins with Dashboard interface with Graphical representation of Critical Data
  • Dashboards for quick overview
  • Parent/Student Login Integration with Institution Website.

CareerBook Features

Centralised School Information System
Powerful and Easy to use Platform
Biometric Device Compatibility
Cloud Based MIS System
Modular Architecture
Value for Money
GDPR Compliant
Integrated Finance, HR & Payroll
Any Institution or Educational System

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