Student Management System

The entire details of the students are displayed to end users in the student management system. The information includes student contact information, attendance, academic and non-academic performance, progress cards, teacher or admin comments, fees updates and other information’s.The module also allows you to update pupils’ various information’s as well. This module’s profile print option allows the class instructor or higher authorities to obtain detailed information on a specific student. Also, Students information can be uploaded in bulk in a variety of formats that can be customised.

Module Details

Upload Students

In order to migrate the existing students to the software you may use the Student Upload utility available in the software. You are required to download a Sample Import File and copy the data as per the columns in the sample file. A set of rules are being narrated in the student upload menu which need to be followed strictly.

Student Information

The Student Information displays a list with the following details; admission number, student name, class, father name, roll number, gender, category, mobile number, father/mother/guardian contact details. This option also gives detailed information of the selected student.

Student Profile

All the information of the students such as contact details, attendance, academic & nonacademic performance, progress cards, remarks entered by teachers or admin, fee details, other documents & other details are being cumulated in the Student Profile page. The graphical and descriptive information of the critical information are available in this option. The profile print option available in this module helps the class teacher or higher authorities to get the comprehensive details of that particular student.

Update Student

This option in the student management system allows to quickly update the critical details of each student, the selection could be done class wise and the details of the required students could be updated

Update Student Image

If the student image needs to be updated in bulk or individually this can be done via this option. 

Features of Student Management System

  • Student Profile with complete date of Student like contact details, attendance, academic & non academic performance, fee details & other information’s
  • Quick update option.
  • Profile print option with critical details. 

CareerBook Features

Centralised School Information System
Powerful and Easy to use Platform
Biometric Device Compatibility
Cloud Based MIS System
Modular Architecture
Value for Money
GDPR Compliant
Integrated Finance, HR & Payroll
Any Institution or Educational System

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