Staff Absence and Cover

This module in the CareerBook MIS helps the admin or the course coordinators to manage the substitution of the teachers in case of absence of an assigned teacher for a particular class/hour. In this module the system recommends the teachers who will be substituting the teacher who is on leave/holiday. This will be based on certain predefined rules according to the institution. The complete details and reports of the substitutions made will be made available in the system.


Module Details

Leave Marking

This option allows to mark the leave or holiday of the teachers if the bio-metric punching is not available in the institution. You are required to mark the leave of the teachers by clicking on the AM/PM. The marked entries are to be selected and is required to click on the save button to mark the entry.

Cover List

This report provides the details of the teachers who are free. This helps to identify the list of teachers who are available to cover the session. 

Substitution Auto Assign

The substitutes for the teachers who are on leave or late can be assigned via this option. The system automatically assigns the substitute suggestions (ie teachers who are teaching in the same class). If options are not available other teachers could be assigned manually.

Substitution List

The option provides details of the substitution of each teacher. This list helps to know the details of the substituted teachers on each day.

Features of Staff Absence and Cover

  • Setting predefined rules of substitution
  • Auto/Manual Substitution
  • Free teacher List

CareerBook Features

Centralised School Information System
Powerful and Easy to use Platform
Biometric Device Compatibility
Cloud Based MIS System
Modular Architecture
Value for Money
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Integrated Finance, HR & Payroll
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