HR Management System

The HRMS module is developed with the capability to handle the holistic information of the employees which included their attendance, holidays, salary, appraisals, service records, etc. The HR module also tracks the information of the employees including their profile, attendance, shifts, leaves payroll, etc. The employee self-service model is also available which enables users to apply for holiday, view approvals, view processed pay slips etc. The HR module could be integrated with Biometric system thus enabling real time attendance marking. All the required statutory reports are available in the module thus helping the HR managers to file the documents to the statutory bodies.

Module Details

Employee Directory

Employee Directory in the HRMS module helps you to quickly browse critical employee information and can easily locate employees. You can see the data for past and current employees with filters on various categories and employment status.
Track all the employee information needed by HR for various purposes under many different categories. You can keep a record of a variety of details including bio-data, photo, organisational details, qualifications, and much more.

Time & Attendance Management

Unauthorised absence costs you money, prevents the effective administration of leave policies and lowers employee morale. While tracking employee attendance is critical to organisations, it need not mean wasting important time in administration, manual collection, and reporting. With our revolutionary cloud attendance management solutions, it is now possible to accurately track employee attendance with minimum hassle and effort.

Payroll Management

Get salaries out in just minutes instead of days! A Payroll Management in the HR Software covers all aspects of payroll management leading to less work and greater peace of mind. You can now ensure 100% accuracy, huge time savings and highly satisfied employees.

Leave Apply & Tracking

Streamlining employee leave management helps you tackle multiple concerns in a single stroke. It eliminates busy work involved in leave administration and employee follow ups, saving time and transaction costs. Leave management in the HR software verify your company policies accurately every time. Our extensive leave policy configurations ensure that the system works exactly as per your requirements.

Shift Management

The shift management in the HRMS allows the admin to configure the shifts available in the institution. The module allows configuring multiple shifts to a same group and the shifts will take according to the nearest punch-in. There is also an option to extend a particular shift to another day if necessary.

Statutory Reports

The HRMS solution comes with all statutory reports required for managing the employees in the institution. The reports include Daily Attendance Report, Shift Report, Component wise recovery report, Pay Sheet Report, etc.

CareerBook Features

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Integrated Finance, HR & Payroll
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