Extra-curricular Activity module in CareerBook MIS efficiently handle school/college activities like arts festival, sports day, literature fest, quiz or any kind of events. School activity management or school event management is one of the major task and time consuming activity of school and teachers with lot of pen & paper works. Here our highly customised system helps to manage all your extra-curricular activities and events efficiently and accurately through a single window system. Creating events, event location, adding and assigning judges, student participation, setting different rounds or levels screening, shortlisting etc can be done in a single click. It is easy to generate score board, reports on different search criteria. All the data related to an event can be obtained from the extra-curricular activity module.


Module Details


This option is to create event, norms, add or assign judges, add event location etc. using “event ‘master’ where we can name the event, mention the dates and the staff in charge etc. using “categories” master option where we can create different categories. Once the master is set according to the events we can assign the events, categories, participants, judges, etc.


ECA score we have the options like “add participant, assign item norms, assign item round, add round wise item score,” etc. According to the norms we can get the results and filter the eligible participants to next multiple rounds.


This option contains all the reports and certificates of these events. Which include participant list, their counts, student’s item list, item round listing, student chest number, student judge wise mark list, etc. We are able to generate the certificates for winners, both class wise and event wise by clicking “event wise certificate report and class wise certificate print” option.

Features of Extra Curricular Activities

  • Automatic Certificates for the winners & participants.
  • Maximum Participation limiting option.
  • Round Wise Winner list.
  • Auto Chest number generation.
  • Easy allocation of judges to events.
  • All the data related to an entire event is available in a single window.
  • Detailed reports on any search criteria is available.

CareerBook Features

Centralised School Information System
Powerful and Easy to use Platform
Biometric Device Compatibility
Cloud Based MIS System
Modular Architecture
Value for Money
GDPR Compliant
Integrated Finance, HR & Payroll
Any Institution or Educational System

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