Communication Module

The communication module assists the institution in communicating with a variety of stakeholders, including students, parents, instructors, or a custom group. SMS, Email, or a direct notice to the app might be used as the communication method. The different groups in a route, such as households, clubs, and students, are automatically established. The module also provides for simple contact with students regarding login information, grades, attendance, and fee dues, and other things. Various reports regarding the SMS logs are also available in this module. 

Module Details

Template Master

The template master allows in creating various templates in different modules so that the institution can manage their content uniformly

Student Mark SMS

This option allows to send SMS to the parent on the marks scored by the student in each evaluation conducted for corresponding subjects.

Login Details SMS

This option allows sending the login details of various roles like student, parent or teacher. The SMS details will have the login credentials along with the procedure of login.

Create SMS Group

This option allows the user to create SMS groups for sending bulk SMS to these category. The categories like Students, Teachers, Parents / Guardians are automatically created. In order to create a group you are required to create the group by entering the group name and saving it. In order to add numbers to the group it is required to click on the edit icon and add the name and number of persons to be added to the group.

Send SMS/Email/Direct Message to App

This option allows sending bulk or individual SMS / Email / Direct Message to App to the Students, Parents, Teachers or any other groups created. The SMS could also be sending individually, to classes or to multiple sections.

Features of Communication module

  • SMS/Email sending option Individuals, Groups, Classes, Section, Staff etc.
  • Direct App Messaging option to individual student, Groups, Classes, Section, Teachers etc.
  • Send circulars to parents, students & teachers.

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