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The CareerBook is a powerful and centralised school management information system (MIS) that brings students, parents, and staff in a single online platform. Career Book provides an advanced suite of Academics, Administration, Communication, Finance, HR, and Analytics modules that make school management easier and brings functionality at their fingertips. We provide all-in-one centralised cloud-based platform that offers an affordable solution for the administration of educational institutions of any size. 

Why CareerBook?

CareerBook is an innovative and effective school management software designed to offer a comprehensive approach to education. Most of the institutions are relying on different software for their daily operations and are not connected to each other. Career Book replaces all that software and offers all the required modules in one platform, All in ONE! 



CareerBook transforms schools into smart schools through our innovative system. Our centralised system manages various school departments in one click.



CareerBook web application integrates all the modules and functionalities of a college into a single system that can be handled by the administrative head and accessed by the students and faculty.


Training Centers

CareerBook is an end-to-end solution for training centres to improve operational efficiency and outcome. Our system comes at an affordable cost that suits your budget.


CareerBook PRO

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CareerBook Academics

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CareerBook Administration

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CareerBook Add-ons

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Our student Module helps the entire student life cycle from the time of admission.



CareerBook provides a parent module to get connected to the institution effectively and easily.


The teacher module enables better communication between parents and teachers, helping the student’s academic growth.



CareerBook Admin module helps to monitor and manage the entire activities of the institution. The graphical interface in our system helps the admin to analyze the data effectively and efficiently.

  • All-in-one MIS solution – Connects students, teachers, parents, and administration on a single centralised system.
  • Role-based and Personalised access – To improve security and compliance.
  • Affordable cost – We offer our innovative solution at affordable cost.
  • Flexible functionality – Our software is 100% customisable which gives flexibility to users.
  • Easiest and Fastest implementation – Our data migration and implementation are quick and easy.
  • Access anywhere/anytime – Our cloud-based solution can be accessed from anywhere in the world through any device.
  • Interconnected modules – Removes redundant tasks and enables cross-module reporting.
  • Virtual Class modules – Online Class, Online Examination, Assignment Submissions, Digital library, etc. enables institutions to adapt to the technological change.
  • API connectivity – Our solution ensures the integration of Payment gateways, GPS devices, RFIDs, Biometric Systems, etc.
  • Guaranteed security and data protection
  • Customised reports and dashboards.

CareerBook Features

Centralised School Information System
Powerful and Easy to use Platform
Biometric Device Compatibility
Cloud Based MIS System
Modular Architecture
Value for Money
GDPR Compliant
Integrated Finance, HR & Payroll
Any Institution or Educational System

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